I wonder if this is the logical end result of late stage capitalism, that is, to atomize society into a consuming horde which has no internal loyalties or human bonds. We are being reduced to an economic throughput engine and nothing else. There needs to be a revolt against the system to upend the consumerization of human beings and the commoditization of labor.

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I like sangha as a concept of community - a group that supports each other

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"The machine software ensemble can produce the things that people need but Increasingly does not pay them for that production."

I think this deserves qualification --- the "machine software ensemble" can *unsustainably* produce what our present, *way too big* / *unsustainable* global population level needs. But there's no where to go but biosphere+social collapse along this trajectory.

One way or the other, we need far fewer humans...

Also, it's worth asking ourselves what we believe about humans before agriculture (i.e., hunter-gatherer tribes), and whether or not those beliefs are founded or unfounded; truths or myths.

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