> The way it will be implemented will depend upon local conditions and resources, sometimes city ruins, sometimes so on the margin of wilderness.

Do we have to wait for collapse? Is there a way to create little gardenworld communities now --- places that exist beyond civilization as we know it, but prove that escape is possible?

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There are so many initiatives in the world at local levels but we do not have details on implementation. Things like the Newtown movement are suggestive. Shouldn't we all be trying the best version of Gardenworld we can now. My own small garden on the Russian River and working more closely with neighbors in our small community is instructive. There was a 2 acre lot across the road from where I live and I tried to get the neighborhood to think about buying it and use it as a place for cooperative gardens and a shared solar panel installation but the price went up znc z hew house is being built instead. and the interest fell away with Covid. One of the hindrances to guard world initiatives is control of land. We really have not rethought land since the enclosure movement in England in the 17 century. Henry George's land tax seems like a good step but his view that land is the source of wealth ny be cgabgubg with digitized assets. My intuition is that necessity will lead people to break boundaries and we will be in a totally new situation as existing police power loses the ability to respond to all as the moves to repurpose the land happens spontaneously.

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