Toss out something controversial, such as "if I were to cast my presidential ballot today, I'd chose not to vote for Joe Biden, who, in my view, remains stuck in the past as a cold-war warrior." [Just a suggestion, as by November, the world will surely have changed.] BB

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From the MetaNetwork days, it was important to seed dialogue with people ready to get started and also have “weavers” or hosts to make intros, ask questions, draw people out.

I think another TMN finding was that you should start with a critical mass event, typically a FTF back then, but these days maybe a zoom event.

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Is there too much use conflict to stimulate conversation? I would be happy to have half a dozen people who are more interested in the direction of the conversation than provoked by it. Let me think of an example th\at would be both provoking and a contribution to the disscussion.

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Occasionally I get back to your newsletter and I'm mostly interested, being often intrigued by the issues you touch on and the ideas you share with us (and of course, the ideas of others you borrow).

What would be the expected outcome of these conversations, beside seeking better/deeper understanding? I feel like getting involved in never-ending conversations that don't lead anywhere (in terms of actions) is one of the most soul crushing experiences one can have. Talking about even the smallest changes one can effectively make can always be uplifting.

Getting more visual might always help to better understand the interconnections. Even taking a photo of a simple paper sketch could be a good way to start. Turning these into short voice-over video slides could generate more engagement. Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09maaUaRT4M but it doesn't have to be artistic or professionally made at all. Sometimes words are not enough - as explored here by Marcia Conner and Dave Gray: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR6Ka-MKOyY

I was avidly following for a while another person's Substack posts who also has a deep understanding of a wide range of topics. He clearly and (relatively) succinctly articulates his ideas regarding change making, but it seems that he is facing the same issues as you: https://smallchanges.substack.com/archive?sort=new (worth scrolling and skimming through his archives back to Apr 2021 when he launched on Substack)

On the other hand, I was more and more flabbergasted and intellectually insulted (so well beyond simply being "provoked") by the more and more dishonest "conversations" that were/are happening within the OGM virtual spaces. I would highly advise against going in that direction.

Zoom seems to be the place where ideas and conversations end up dying (especially when there is no outline/context or transcript provided for the recording) in addition to the nowadays widespread Zoom fatigue https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoom_fatigue

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