Sitemap - 2021 - Douglass’s Newsletter

2462. spirit limited by social structure

2461. Manage the whole? Centralization vs democracy?

2460. cimate reaction like synchronized swimming. Con we do better?

2459. If anything is to be saved

2458. What to think, what to do.

2457. free and friend

2456. Prepare now

2455. Basic income logic.

2454. Economics and corporations

2453 More on what can happen.

2452. plausible scenarios.

2451. Another gap from economics

2450. The need for politics.

2449. Not with a bang but a whimper

2448. Neal Stephenson on CO2

2447. cloth vs. thread

2446. Cold turkey on fossil fuels?

2445. Corporate power - mistake

2444. Jason Hickel article.

2443. seven wise leaders to actually. lead

2442. gas defended.

2441. Task? Schmachtenberger and Greaber- Wengrow integration?

2440. Gardenworld as a guide

2439. Greenpeace report on COP 26

2438. What do democrats do with their leverage.

2437. Preface

2436. More on COP and financialization

2435. cop 26 and Financialization.

2434. Reading?

2433. Why we are stuck.

2432. cop 26 opening


2430. Davids Graeber and Wengrow new book , The Dawn of Everything, a New History of Humanity

2429. James Hansen quote.

2428. small "huts"

2427. Crowding and climate

2426. Tech is natural but destructive monopoly

2425. Experiment with format

2424. Economics has no leverage.

2423. Grass roots Lithium podcast

2422.Fed agency reports on climate.A good baseline?

2421. New conditions.

2420. On Toynbee

2419. Why read Toynbee

2418. State of affairs.


2416. how do we avoid being part of the blah blah blah?

2415. Eco-nomics, eco-logy

2414. Internet and climate issues

2413. Reverence for life.

2412. How should we live now?

2411. Wealth as money or quality of life?

2410. Shifts in focus.

2409. Bezos and Musk about 180 billion each.

2408. Culture, self reflection, and the future

2407. Plausible futures

2406. So many things coming together or falling apart?

2406. your mind belongs to the energy companies.

2405. Calls for action.. no script. NOW

2404. Climate justice replaces climate heating as concern

2403. Focus on interior spaces, not outside.

2402. Comfort

2401. Managing upwards for climate

2400. Gandhi and climate

2399. Plausible and necessary scenario to cope with climate catastrophe.

2398. Wiki on social collapse

2397. Economics only deals with things with prices

2396. The danger

2395. Everyone knows.

2394. Taking on growth and de-growth. Is there a third way?

2393. Provocation:green investment capture.

2392. Toynbee and Schmachtenberger : solid logic.

2391. No major economy on track for Paris quotas - CNN

2390. Opening frame.

2389. From Jim Hensen

2388. Dipping into Toynbee.

2387. Change and half hearted proposals.

2386. Consequences of more visible inequality.

2385. Supply chain issues

2384. Pyroxene

2383. Education and Climate change

2382. Why aren't we good Kyenesians?

2381. Kids' world

2380. culture and economics

2379. Feynman quote

2378. Can beavers help?

Gardenworld politics Chapter 1: Where are we?

Gardenworld Politics Chapter 2 Gardenworld, what is it? - draft

Gardenworld Politics Chapter 3 Human Nature - draft

Gardenworld Politics Chapter 4. Where are we? -Draft

Gardenworld Politics Chapter 5 How did we get here? draft

Gardenworld Politics Chapter 6. what can happen? draft

Gardenworld Politics Chapter 7 What should we do? draft

Gardenworld Politics Chapter 8 key word histories - draft

Gardenworld Politics Chapter 9 -Shards. draft