Sitemap - 2024 - Douglass’s Newsletter

Climate change is well understood but what to do and how hard it is is not.

The neglected social world

Replacing food with solar panels

The poetics of life.

Downsizing bureaucracies

Paddling your community's lifeboat

partial analysis avoids the social

Character and Circumstances

Expanding circle of concern

The hard and soft science sides of climate thinking.

Can we start over?

More on Baltimore bridge and harbor: impact similar to climate heating?

Can we cut fossil fuel delivery?

Climate effects to mirror bridge collapse?

Money, capital, property, private, ownership

New culture of junk repurposed

We are a dying society

Culture contrasts with government

A culture of giving and receiving in the midst of collapse

AI lobotomy

The thinking of the many

jensen huang nvidia

Renamed to lifeboat labs

Musical chairs without music.

Major forces

Back from Malaysia, problem with the mainstream US press

No game B

Unusual Gardenworld

Emerging strategy

civilization and leverage

AI and depression

why are so many not provoked by facts??

voices on climate and more

Next question last question

Hockey sticks dance together, why isnt population ackowledged the result of foassil fuel use ?

Johan Rockstrom and othe public spirited honest analysts

One question, who, what, when?

what new softwware is telling us about climate change.

Once again point the finger at capitalism

Examples of extreme Gardenworlds and hints at what is to come.

Climate approach and advertizing,

several thoughts on the climate discussion

Climate change and y2k

Opium and oil: we stopped the first

Oil company execs?

How we respond.

The material side of climate discussions

social tipping points.

Unfounding founding fathers

Earthquake preparation, but no climate preparation yet.

Important source for Gardenworld - The Arts and Crafts Movement.

Misleading approaches to climate.

ownership and poverty as we enter big events.

what might happen - one sequence

Leadership and the corruption of employees.

leadership problems in a dysfunctional system

Limited economics creates zones of mischief

Greenhouse gas cuts?

looking at psychology to better understand climate and power

Can we do systems?

Aristotle and more comprehensive economics

More on the difficulty of writing about climate.

Writing is hard

food crisis and lifeboat strategy

From now to Gardenworlds to lifeboats: shifting strategies

The media and our thinking

Why Gardenworld?

Misuse of Darwin and the causes of climate and capitalism

The bad state of not noticing

Power of words

play released

politics, economics, and civilizations