Sitemap - 2022 - Douglass’s Newsletter

Strategic common sense

Sufficient tech meme

bombs or lifeboats?

Why some dominate

Logic of capitalism

The gods returning.

Gardenworld intermediate goal

The whole of society and nature.

Capital and capitalism

Climate and the Tzar

Copout 27.

Coming together and moving apart.

COP 27: Who has the money?

Horns of a dilemma: to oil or not to oil?

So few seem t pu it together.

Distribution and contribution

Hard for leaders, no playbook.

Oxford debate on growth vs de-growth (and what is missing)

election results ad number fetishism.

Cop 27 thoughts at start

We n eed a rounded vision for adapting to a new climate

New jobs and CO2

Economics is not a very good science.

Freedom is not simple

Cross purpose

Social contract missing

Capital is bigger than capitalism

deconcentrating wealth

New version of book intro: current situation

Pluralistic method with scenarios

War and energy.

Why Trump? We too are cause.

Things must fall apart.

Nationalize the energy grid and the suppliers.

What kind of culture?

the climate maze and its dead ends

What really are conservatives and progressives?

Capital, capitalism, simple but mystified

Necessary steps to survival

New possibilities only if we face facts.

Peter Zeihan Enery flow and war.

Mandatory cuts.

Gardenworld Politics at Amazon

Key issues we face

Democracy when?

Optimism, realism or pessimism.

Think Bigger Now

De Long's Slouching Toward Utopia

Stuck because..

Women and participation

Business or Nature?


Titanic has hit the iceberg

Climate Week NYT week long conference

Delong's book Slouching toward Utopia

Approaches to climate.

What replaces weak religion?

Metals needed to replace current fossil fuel tech,

Leaders without a script

Parallel government

An incomplete meditatiion in 2022

From degrowth to green growth

Trees. The logic

1.5 degrees seems quaint now


Draconian jettisoning

Wreaving our own trap

When cohesive myth fails.

Approach to climate

Economists not being scientists

New draft of Gardenworld Politics in one short book.

Power strategy

The problem with the Inflation prevention* bill

Gardenworld tries to avoid industrial agriculture.

Can the American experiment continue to adapt?

Characteristic speech by Xi.

cold war, unipolar?


Need for belief, but from where?

Problem with agricultue

Lack of logic in our conversations.

Tweak the algorithms

Land reform

How to do the future.

Social ontology, new approaches

Space station competition

2597. Need to be thoughtful

2596. Gardenworld in a sentence.

2595. Cartwright's The Dappled World: a study of the boundaries of science.

2594. Artifical Intelligence and artificial people (corporations)

2593.High end Gardenworld

2592. Summary of Gardenworld Politics

2591. Next lots of spread

2590. Earth temperatures: who will do what and when will they do it?

2589. The Court, Congress and the EPA. A serious dilemma.

2588;mEnergy and temperature

2587. Getting a little more precise.

2586. Abortion in the context of climate.

2585. Cameralism

2584. Why Gardenworld

2583. Interest rates, wages and corporations.

2582. Fail to have a chance

2581. new economy... in a new society

2580. Jan 6 thoughts.

2579. Culture of peace for Gardenworld

2578.Trapped in logic, can we move to a new logic?

2577. Amazon until...

2576. All the water divided among all the people.

2575. Gardenworld under all conditions

2574. Human nature not always the cause.

2573. Economics replaces politics

2572. Morning Thoughts

2571 No founding fathers to continue the conversation.

2570. Ukraine, global strategy for a better world, need for more critical thinking.

2569. Entropic soup increasing , low structure

2568. Democracy and climate change.

2567. Cause and effects

2566. Beware and be thoughtful, even analytical

2565. Things heating up

2564. kinds of writing about climate

2563. Gardenworld atmosphere

2562. Coherence needed.

2561. The institution of society is disappearing.

2560. Somalia and mafia

2559. Musical chairs

2558. what culture are we working toward?

2557. Good government or preferred policy?

2556. Thinking and doing often conflict

2555. Abortion, nature, and technology

2554. The day starts

2553. Musical chairs, safty nets, Hoover in 1918

2552. Draconian plan

2551. capitalism to tyranny.

2550. Drones change everything fast

2549. All soldiers are humans

2548. Hannah Arendt. . think

2547. Democrats are part of the problem along with the Republicans...

2546. Details behind the war in Ukraine and the responsibility of competition for tech that has driven all wars.

2545. After start-ups- now we need stopping and slowing and effective management to do it in a WW 2 command, not a market economy.

2544. Thoughts on the darkest future.

2543. Monopoly rare earths...

2542. Path not yet found

2541. Hints of the Future . Andreesen and the thing

2540. Ukraine and Russia and larger history.

2539. Self and community in need of each other.

2538. Manufacturing solar panels and wind turbines. Limits?

2537. Can the drops of water in the ocean make a wave?

2536. Michael Mead on spirit and challenge.

2535. Toward world government?

2534. Meet basic needs first.

2533. skid talk?

2532. Truth and care.

2531. Climate change or social collapse?

2530. New study: cost of improving humanity

2529. Institutions.

2528. As we have known it..

2527. What kind of life? Life cycle fit.

2526. Gardenworld and tech.

2425. Undoing to liberate new possibilities.

2524. Colonizing earth.

2523. Need for a multipolar world if we are..

2522. Things worse or change?

2521. Things to read

2520. what is in the way of a better path?

2519. Additions to the narratives...

2518.The conflict.

2517/. The too vague meaning of "freedom".

2516. No fabric of relationships to cope with climate mess

2515. Taxing the rich versus preventing their getting so rich.

2514, Two opposed "transitions".

2513. life or death?

2512, Multiple crises as leverage?

2511. IPCC and action.

2510.From Ukraine to climate?

2509. Is a shared belief system needed and possible?

2508. We skim for policy and avoid for action.

2507. finance replaces democracy

2506. crazy choices on where to live?

2505. In post 2504, if the Internet coheres....

2504. how to live in a warming future.

2503. The meaning of intelligent in our context.

2502. Writing as relief

2501. Scene-act ratio

2500. Whatever else, there is dignity in understanding.

2499. Multiple scenarios - and hard work

An earlier interview

2488. The dangerous hope for nuclear fission.

2487. Value of thinking.

2486. Interview

2485.Are we a follow-on to the big bang, or story tellers?

2484. But somethig will happen

2483. Should do now

2482. Inequality measures - -include videos

2481. Founding fathers.

2480. What if we are like all other species?

2479. Gardenworld as practice

2478. Taxes vs. contribution

2477. Agriculture or gardens?

2476. Orderly retreat?

2475. Gardenworld

2474. Objective or positive? Glass empty or twenty percent full?

2473. Climate: currently we are stuck.

2472. From profit to stakeholder: a tiny step for mankind.

2471. A flawed good book

2470. What is likely to happen.

2469. Can we cope?

2468. US emissions up 6%

2467. Reality film: Planet of the humans

2466. Next, a more extended analysis

2465. thought and climate solutions

2464. Build a platform for a better world, don't try to do it all without such a platform.

2463. More on what to do now.