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Problem with many participants, and too many new conversations. Bad math.

Shift to Gardenworld - image

Rifkin new book

Harmony versus change Dash our predicament

Trouble in the thinking world

Learn to criticize apparently logical arguments. Tim Cook, and 1 million solar panels.

who is who in climate thinking.

Gardenworld is food, shelter and, additionally, aesthetics, all to have a goal beyond survival

Grow everything everywhere. Food, shade. Playing with the thought.

Some pragmatics for getting to Gardenworld

A dying civilization becomes a failed state.

Common system template for world view

Al Gore liberated: Ted Talk

Cause of opinions held not the same as opinions held

Science and truth

"worst since.."

Source, more Simon Micheux

Oppenheimer, a personal story

Develop your own narrative.

eco plus

Engineering and ecology

Engineering mindset missing.

What is money?

Sand-castles slow to build up fast to come down.

local and global management both necessary

climate is a distraction from the perils of capitalism rooted in human opportunism

Policies are NOT plans.

Two kinds of imagination needed.

Cutting co2. Who will do what and when will they do it?

How to speak about climate challenge

New writing makes communication about climate harder

Imagination - how to......

Comments needed

Talk about climate? Why?

What story to tell about climate ?

Takes more to do the same

What to do with the remaining time?

The Internet is becoming more important than the nation state for governance allowing for transition.

The transition from industrial to digital society

The serious logical structure of the climate moment.

Toward poem, where is our Dante?

Perspective, real historical transformations,

Climate response should be like Chess

The evolutionarily role of cuteness is overlooked

Participation in Emergence

Post # 3000

Continuing on without change. Reasonable?

Inevitable end of this civilizationp

Why not deal with climate change

Living as a system, thinking with lego blocks

Notice pinned

Leaders and martial arts: a fateful marriage

Need for images of where we are trying to go.

Not policies chosen but a hurricane of disruption

Dropout leadership

Emergency actions not discussed

A new culture is needed, anti fossil fuel.

Climate, religion, and scale

Larger social movements at scale

News habits that would help us get to Gardenworld

[COPY] Three models of governance for crises.

Management and systems

More on getting to management

How to get to global management?

EV plausibility

Child and parent oriented society -Gardenworld

Start cutting co2

And the world bank

Failure of administration

OECD outlook just published is blind

What to do.

Blended scenarios

Apple’s Vision Pro and human fate

Three models of governance for crises.

Poets called

Update online: boundaries

Imagination needed

Political education needed

Unaccountable silence?

Stop all inessential work

AI, language, and community

Society as a corporation

Thinking is the problem

Toynbee on Greece, Rome and the West today

Garbage trucks

Positive scenario

Old Sufi thought

Nicholas Tesla falls for the ice cream.

Current regime is geo engineering

A new way of presenting climate facts and thoughts on scenarios

Thinking self destructs

Church and state model based on non-interference. An approach to power.

Closing in

Whst should we do?

In 1939 ErichFromm published Edcape from Freedom.

EV arguments

Why not more logical?

No home for society

Hot India

History and populations

Future will repeat the past.

Corporations, democracy and problem solving

Investment and problem solving; Siamese twins

Investment problem

What tp do?

Not enough good people to run a fair society

Investment, but not for society

AI catches all weak correlations. Now what?

Leverage points

New homes and electric appliances

Local non concern.

In Montenegro on the Adriatic,

The difference between artificial intelligence…

Gardenworld example in the Jungle

Remaining time

Cookie jar

Open water, no land

Animal thought

Toward better capitalism?

First scenario: Do nothing. Drift with the temperature.

Scenario 3: localization

Scenario 2: tech acceleration

Hard truths and imagination


Celebrate and then leave.

Not just climate collapse, species collapse

Capitalism: origin and destiny

Miller's Chip War

re climate: Who will do what and when will they do it?

Heat pumps. Rhetoric

Two difficult thoughts

The poetry of it: growth equals destruction

We have no philosophy to help us understand

ill-Logic of change

Things have to fall apart before they can be re-organized

Peer alliances needed

My goal. / and do write

Unattainable speed

Consumers can't think systemically

Food situation

Split brain, metaphorically thinking


Sand castle awareness

A few thoughts on illusion of control

Fragile are attempts at climate action when most just want to hold on.

Krugman and weak logic.

Local and global needed

AI replacing humans

Society's surplus

Mark Mills on mining. Newer

3000 posts

frustrations of established order*

Goal of Gardenworld - blend garden and shelter

Bottom-up social development.*

Imagination needed for energy for theworld's poor.

The Logic of the near fuuture is tightening against us

Gas vs EV cars: honest cost shocks

Social enterprise issues

Unconscious of oil source and quantity

All major issues intersect with climate change

Constraining the Rich

All the solutions are the solution.

Why income concnetrates.

Olivia Lazard: "Peace and Power in the Mineral Age” | The Great Simplification #58

India, strategy and TIME magazine.

Cars sold till 2035

Pogress in econocmics to solve social problems? Ha-Joon Change is skeptical

New Yorker on bad assumptions about climate

thinking thinking

Book finished, I feel freed

Garden world Politics is published!

Tolerating games of violence

biggest the smallest and neglected in between